A trip down memory lane

Real life Mario Brothers at Gordon College talentshow

In 2006 this video of Andrew Breton playing real life Mario on the Gordon College talent show became an internet sensation. It was a big hit on Youtube and the then still available platform Google Videos. It also was aired on MTV’s Total Request Live!

Andrew Breton plays Mario running through World 1-1. The performance has clouds, turtle shells, question mark blocks, flowers and even a fantastic pause effect. Andrew Breton cocreated the production and also starred in it. Of course, Andrew didn’t create it on it’s own. He had eight ninjas, two costume artists, four stage hands and a set designer helping him.

All of this took place at the Golden Goose talent show, an annual event at Gordon College held in A.J. Gordon Memorial Chapel.

At the moment of writing, the video has 4,4 million views.

McDonald’s and real life Mario Brothers

The video was used for a McDonald’s commercial promoting their new Mario Happy Meal trinkets. The McDonald’s commercial borrows a lot from Breton’s performance and it isn’t hard to see what inspired McDonald’s. They even used the famous pause effect.

If you wan’t to check it out for yourself, here’s the Mario Happy Meal trinket’s video:

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