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OG3NE – Cover of Ed Sheeran’s Sing

A beautiful performance by the Dutch girls from OG3NE. These sisters can sing fantastic and use a singing technique they call “Echoing”.

About OG3NE

OG3NE is a Dutch vocal group consisting of the sisters Lisa (24), and the twins Amy and Shelley (23) who are renowned for their special harmonious vocal qualities. The name OG3NE stands for their mother’s blood group O and the genes that link the sisters together. In 2014 they were the first and only group in the world to win the fifth season of “The Voice”. The three sisters are thus the “Voices of Holland”. During their participation, Shelley, Amy and Lisa reached number 1 three times with the BeeGees cover “Emotion”, the song “Change Will Come” and their final song “Magic”. Early 2015, OG3NE received a gold record for the single “Magic”.

However, 2016 is the year of their real big breakthrough in the Netherlands. In the program “Beste Zangers” they leave the Netherlands (and later the rest of the world) amazed every week by their special harmony singing. The ladies score no less than 3 number 1 quotations during their participation in the success program. For their version of “Clown”, original by Emeli Sandé, OG3NE receives a gold record. In England, the sisters recorded their debut album “We Got This”, which released at the end of 2016.

Echoing singing technique

In “Beste Zangers” the girls from OG3NE impressed the viewers with their ‘echoing’  technique. Lisa, Amy and Shelley explain how the special singing technique works.

“When we were kids, it started as a game,” Lisa says about echoing. “We divide a song’s lyrics word for word and then take turns singing a word.” You can hear how fast the sisters can do that in the video above. Wow!

Enjoy their cover of Ed Sheeran’s Sing!

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