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First kiss – twenty strangers to kiss for the first time

A movie that we may need more than ever in these (Covid-19) times! What will happen when 2 total strangers give each other a first kiss.

At first you see some awkward moments and some giggles. But as the moment approaches, these make way for some more serious looks.
You cannot hide a smile when you see the video. This is a beautiful sight, and it even seems like some fresh love arises.

Unfortunately there is a catch. The video is an advertisement for a clothing company called Wren. The video features models, musicians and actors promoting a clothing line.

Nevertheless, it is still a beautiful video. And with 148 million views on Youtube, we can say that it is a successful advertising campaign.

The company Wren, which is based in Los Angeles, had at the time of the video four employees. The budget for the video was about $1,300. The money was used for studio space, a video editor’s babysitting bill and a lunch. The kissing strangers are friends of Melissa Coker (the founder and creative director of the clothing company Wren) and Ms. Pilieva’s (the director of the video). All of them worked free.

After the video there’s been a significant bump in sales on the companies online store. And the song accompanying the video sold 10.000 copies in North America in just 2 days.

For Soko, the singer of the song “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow”, the song is special as well. In addition to her song, she also featured in the video. She is one of the two women kissing each other. It turns out this worked out pretty well for her since she became friends with the other women.

Want to read the full story?

The New York Times has a very interesting article with more information about the movie “First Kiss”.

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