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Cristiano Ronaldo surprises a kid in Madrid

Dressed unkempt, Cristiano Ronaldo takes to the streets to show his football skills. At first the bystanders are uninterested and think it’s just a strange guy. Ronaldo went undercover to play football in the streets of Madrid like a regular person. A team of makeup artists applied makeup and a wig to his recognizable face. Sunglasses and a small fat suit underneath his grey sweats completed the picture.

Ronaldo stepped into the streets with the intention of making everybody think he was just a homeless guy trying to make some money with his football skills. The dog and a coardboard box for collecting the money completed the picture.

Ronaldo started showing his football skills and this picture did not match his appearance as a vagabond at all.

Then he tried to get passers-by to play a game of football with him. Eventually he even asked a woman for her phone number, without success by the way (rumor has it that this woman is still hitting her head that she didn’t say yes 😉 ).

Eventually, a young boy would like to play football with him. After a few minutes of playing soccer, Ronaldo picks up a pen and picks up the ball so that he can put his signature on the ball. At that moment he takes off his wig and shows who he really is. The look in the boy’s eyes as soon as that strange guy drops off his mask is priceless!

A hug from Ronaldo and a ball signed by the superstar, made this little guy’s life. We don’t think there is a better story for the schoolyard.

After Cristiano Ronaldo has taken off his disguise, he can no longer walk normally on the streets of Madrid.

Enjoy the video!

In addition to the original video, this event was filmed by several people. If you are curious about a different angle of the video, take a look at this video on

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