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Charlie bit me!

We think everybody knows the “Charlie bit me” video. But if not, this video is famous for formerly being the most viewed YouTube video. The video features 2 brothers, Harry and Charlie. The baby brother bites the bigger brother. His response, “Charlie bit me”.

On May 22, 2007, the father of the two boys started recording his two children, Harry and Charlie, sitting on an armchair, hoping to capture a cute moment between the brothers.

Instead, he changed their lives forever – earning roughly $1.3 million in royalties, and hitting 880 million views on youtube as of today, and transforming his kids into viral stars.

And to think it was not intended at all to make the video public. That makes this story even more special.
The video was only intended for family members, but in 2007 it was not that easy to share a video. The video was too big to send via email. Youtube turned out to be a smart (and profitable) alternative.

It was the father’s intention to remove the video from YouTube as soon as all family members had seen the video. Fortunately, he ultimately did not. When he saw that the video was watched so often every day, he decided to leave it on YouTube. This does not seem like a bad decision to us.

By October 2009 ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ had become YouTube’s most watched video with 129 million hits, and he pushed the video “Evolution of dance” off the Youtube throne.
After 171 days “Charlie bit my finger, again” on his turn was dethroned by Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”.

Enjoy this classic YouTube video.

Curious abouw how Harry and Charlie are doing now?

The Mirror has put a nice article online in which you can read how the boys and the family are doing after 10 years.

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