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Brett Nichols Performs Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”

Just 17-years-old at the time, Brett Nichols wanted to put on a special show for his friends. And so he did! The rest is history. Brett Nichols became an internet sensation when his moonwalk performance of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” went viral.

The Pitman High School junior’s dance moves have gotten over 7 million views on Youtube. In front of two thousand people he performed Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean at his school’s talent show. After seeing the footage we think it’s no surprise that he won the entire talent show.

As icing on the cake, it has also attracted the attention of Michael Jackson’s estate. They reached out to Brett Nichols’ family and send out a congratulatory tweet. Furthermore they sent two copies of Michael Jackson’s posthumous album and an invitation to attend the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas!

The Moonwalk

Michael Jackson immortalized the Moonwalk during his performance at Motown 25 in 1983. However, Michael Jackson didn’t invent it. The moonwalk is a dance move invented by tap dancer Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey began dancing in his preachers father’s church. He was also reportedly taught tap dancing by Bill “Bojangles” Robinson.
Recently, a 1955 video of Bailey performing at the Apollo and executing what he reportedly called the “Backslide” has surfaced. Other tap dancers tried to copy Bill Bailey.

In the 80’s the Moonwalk became Jackson’s best known dance move. We can safely sayhat Michael Jackson took the dance move and made it better with breakdancing and pop locking-influences.

If you’re interested in an iconic rendition of the moonwalk, be sure to check out this rendition of Michael Jackson’s You Rock My World.

In 2014 Brett Nichols showed that he could also perform a perfect moonwalk (1:45 in the video).

Brett Nichols today

Brett Nichols has his own YouTube channel where he posts him performing the Michael Jackson dance moves at schools and even at weddings! You can even hire him for your parties.

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