A trip down memory lane

Aries Spears DMX, Snoop Dogg, LL cool J, Jay Z imitator

This is from a time back when Youtube was in it’s prime! Aries Spears was interviewed to do impressions of Jay-Z, LL Cook J, DMX & Snoop Dogg! It has over a million views on Youtube.

Aries Spears is an American comedian with a talent for impersonate other (famous) people. His favorite subjects are celebrities and rappers. Spears began performing standup comedy as a teenager. In 1997 he joined the cast of MADtv, where he remained until its 10th season in 2005. His most famous impressions are the ones with Jay-Z and DMX as well as actors including Denzel Washington and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger (aargghhhh, get to the choppa!!).

Aries Spears better than Jay-Z himself?

Some fans say he makes Jay-Z’s voice better than Jay-Z himself!

Watch the video and judge for yourself! It is clear that Aries Spears has a lot of talent.

Enjoy this classic Youtube video and take a trip down memory lane!

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